Beginner/Intermediate – This class is divided into two levels. The first is for people who have never danced before. The second is for those who have been dancing for a while but wish to improve their fundamentals.

Advance – This class is for dancers who are well trained in their fundamental movements, the prep for multiple turns and rotating cross body lead (360). You'll learn how to add to your repertoire of turn patterns and styling.

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The most effective way to learn is through private lessons, where we can focus exactly on what you want to work on and adapt the level of the lesson to you. This form of learning also gives you a great opportunity to perfect your leading or following skills since you dance with an instructor who can correct every detail of your salsa.

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We offer lessons for wedding couples, whether you want to learn some basic moves to dance with your partner or you want to get ready for your first dance. Want to make the first dance even more special? We can create the choreography for you…a pure salsa or a mix of many styles. We take care of everything including cutting the music, putting in some movies quotes, sound effects and giving you many original ideas.

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We create choreographies for professionals and amateurs, for competitions or any personal purposes. Each choreography is adapted to the level of difficulty of the dancers. If needed, we can also train the dancers to perform the choreography. We can also find the music, cut the music and organize gigs where you can present your show. Get with us for more information!


Do you want to see the results fast?

You have never danced before and you want to have a bump start or you’re already a “salsero” but you want to improve your dancing skills?

Come to our Salsa Boot Camp and be the dancer you want to be!

The Boot Camp is for all level dancers, from beginners to advanced. After an hour of basic moves we divide a class into three levels: basic beginner, beginner-intermediate, and intermediate-advanced.


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If you are serious about dancing and want to get really good, join one of our dancing teams. It will give you an opportunity to perform with LSP in the clubs and salsa events in South Florida, or even to travel with us and perform in Salsa Congresses such as the New York Salsa Congress, Connecticut Salsa Congress, Orlando Salsa Congress, or Miami Salsa Congress.

Don’t worry if you think you’re not good enough. We will train you to be the very best! Besides, we have 3 teams: Student, Amateur and Professional, so you would dance in the one that matches your level.

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